The Histronauts

The Histronauts is the book series I have the pleasure of creating with illustrator Grace Cooke. We created them as a fun way for children to learn about history though characters, stories, activities and facts. We love working with brilliant designer Vicky Barker and the lovely b small publishing.

Luna, Nani, Newton and Hero are The Histronauts. You can join them as they journey through time in this exciting and beautiful book series. Their adventures to date transport them back to ancient Rome, ancient Egypt and the world of the Vikings. Written for children aged 6-11, they are a great way to explore history.

Since the books were first released we’ve been really lucky to talk about them at the National Centre for Children’s Stories, some of the best independent bookstores in the UK, and at the Jorvik Viking Festival. We were also delighted when An Egyptian Adventure won the Information category at the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Awards in 2018.

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You can find The Histronauts anywhere that you would normally buy books but we love to encourage you to buy from independent bookstores. You can also visit our publisher at or

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