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This blog is all about making history accessible for the entire family. So, whether you need help with some homework, want to visit somewhere with a historical tale to tell, or just want to know the latest books to read for a school project, join me as I explore the past and all it has to offer.

The Histronauts

The Histronauts is the book series I have the pleasure of working on with illustrator Grace Cooke. We created them as a fun way for children to learn about history though characters, stories, activities and facts. There are three books in the series (so far), they are aimed at a KS2 audience (7-11), they contain loads of information and activities, and are a great way to explore history with a young audience.

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I’m Frankie. I’m a historian, a writer, and a mum. I grew up in a large family which embraced the history all around us and my childhood inspired my never-ending love of all things historical.

I’m the author and co-creator of The Histronauts book series, a regular contributor to Aquila magazine, and I have a PhD in Medieval History from the University of Birmingham. I’m also very proud to run Histronauts workshops at museums and bookshops all over the UK. Look out for us at an event near you in the future!

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